This Business Unit aims to support Oil & Gas Companies, Government Departments & Financial Institutions with:

  • Data Room Assessment
  • Investment Decisions
  • Subsurface Studies
  • Field Development Planning
  • Reserves Reporting
  • Production Forecasting
  • Capacity Development for Technical and Non-Technical Staff

Specifically, MINECON aims to focus on some key areas such as:

  1. Support Government Departments and Decision makers in their oversight roles as well as in Commercial and Technical engagements with Oil and Gas Companies.
  1. Partner Government to develop capacity in the Upstream sector of the industry where local participation would ensure continuous ‘value creation’ at cost effective prices and also retain technology: – Training & Mentorship.
  1. Carry out Reserves Reporting, Screening and Subsurface Studies for Oil & Gas Companies and Government Agencies.:- Exploration, Production and Resource Management.
  1. Provide Technical support in Production and Operational issues to Oil and Gas Companies. Introducing ‘Leading Edge’ Techniques and Software to optimize production from existing producing fields
  1. Provide Technical support to Oil Companies and Government Agencies for Portfolio Management and Asset valuation: - Acquisition & Divestiture, Auction of Oil Rights and Negotiation of Oil Agreement.
  1. Provide Technical Support and Training for Financial Institutions in their Dealings in this sector.

Form Strategic Partnerships with Foreign Companies seeking entry into the Oil & Gas sector in the country