Minecon’s Construction Division is fully-owned Ghanaian integrated Construction Company headquartered in Accra, Ghana with international strategic partners in South Africa and the USA. The Division specializes in commercial, retail, industrial, government and residential construction. More importantly, Mincecon prides itself as being a company with professional and experienced leadership with the capability to deliver projects of unlimited value and any size.

  1. Our Construction Projects
    Our construction projects are always of high quality standard. As experience contractors and project managers in Ghana’s construction sector, we have tried and tested various construction methodologies from small to large scale projects for our Ghanaian and international clients.

    We also have experience and expertise to procure all required materials including pre-stressed beams, concrete slabs, culvert pipes, septic tanks, kerbs, walkway slabs and many more for all construction related projects so as to complement and enhance our clients’ specifications.  
  1. Scope work and strategic approach
    As a construction company, Minecon with its strategic partners will deliver on their mandate as customary and reasonably requested by our clients based on the following:

    • Our Strategy
      Our company’s strategy is to secure scalable projects in order that allows us to have mixed revenue streams across all our projects. We do this in collaboration with our clients whilst enhancing our internal efficiencies, optimizing the project value chain and growing our capacity.

    • Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)
      As part of our safety, health and environment policy, Minecon aspires to zero harm in terms of people, host communities and the environment. Although the company operates in different communities with different governance standards, we enforce a standard approach to SHEQ and will not compromise our standards of conduct.

      Additionally, the company aspires to zero harm towards its employees, sub-contractors, visitors, direct communities and the environment. We further acknowledge the legal and moral obligations towards the safe guarding of each project by actively demonstrating our commitment through active leadership whilst not compromising our standards of operations.

    • Risk Management
      The construction operational environment is complex and makes total risk elimination very complex. As a result, Minecon, through its experience and multi-disciplinary engineering faculty always adopts robust and continuous risk management across all projects. This is done through early identification and assessment of risks. This model allows the company to ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to mitigate the impact of any potential risks in the project lifecycle.

    • Capacity building and skills transfer
      Minecon offers meaningful career development opportunities to citizens of local communities in which it operates; through capacity building, vocational skills development and skills transfers by creating skills development programmes for interested local community members. With this approached, individuals are offered vocational skills and apprenticeship in relation to the projects being undertaken in their local communities.  This commitment helps to equipped local communities with relevant skills that are required for post-project maintenance activities and long-term sustainability. As well, Minecon retains individuals in local communities for maintenance, continuous improvement and long-term project sustainability.  This is done through effective talent identification.

      Similarly, the company always embarks on enterprise development, community empower initiatives and, ultimately, impactful socio-economic development in communities in which it operates.
  1. Our key deliverables
    Minecon is committed to deliver all projects in line with client’s specifications and project requirements. These may include but not limited to the following:
  • Develop logistical supply and value chain to undertake projects of specified consistency, quality and quantity;
  • Build and manage all the types of projects on-site to facilitate easy construction works and on-time project delivery;
  • Use the services of our engineering and architectural professionals as well as that of our international strategic partners to ensure that required projects standard are delivered to prevent waste and also meet the legal and technical standards in the  project cycle;
  • The Minecon team will use minimum time and effort for site preparations, machinery and materials delivery, machinery set-up for immediate commencement once appointed. The project duration is subject to the quantity to be produced.
  1. Milestones and working capital
    As part of our delivery process on any assignment, Minecon proposes to complete a number of milestones for effective and timeous delivery. These cover milestones and accompanying payment as outlined below:



Payment %

Phase 1

  • Clearing of site and setting up the construction infrastructure on the site provided by the client
  • Facilitate the accessibility and availability to water and electricity  supply in collaboration with local community’s  project team
  • Conduct due diligence to ensure  the correct and adequate quantity of materials and supplies are available for  the said construction project

Mobilization payment

Phase 2Build and deliver ………% of the quantity out of ……………………….. by ……….Phase 1 payment
Phase 3

Build and deliver additional…..% of the re of the agreed quantity by ……..

Phase 2 payment
Phase 4Produce the final -----------% of the agreed quantityPhase 3 payment
 Total payment100

The above process will be required to ensure payment for certain resources and to third parties in order to avoid any construction interruptions and challenges.