Minecon Resources and Services Limited (hereafter the MINECON) is an independent consulting Company that provides services and solutions to the Mineral Exploration, Mining, Upstream Petroleum and Construction sectors of the African Region.

Mineral Exploration, Mining and the Petroleum Industries by their very nature, have direct impact on the immediate and local environment. MINECON believes that responsible and effective environmental management is an integral part of all program of activities the Company conducts.

This Statement of Commitment indicates that MINECON will manage its environmental responsibilities and impacts in all areas where it conducts activities related to its business:

  • identify and comply with all relevant Government statutory requirements for the protection of the environment;
  • adopt methods of exploration and mining that will reduce adverse environmental impacts, subject to reasonable economic and land use constraints;
  • educate and train all employees and business partners to recognise the environmental impact of their work in order that these impacts are minimised at every opportunity;
  • identify and avoid and preserve, where possible, sites of scientific, natural, cultural or archaeological significance;
  • disturb the least amount of soil and vegetation and protect natural hydrological systems and prevent erosion;
  • minimise the spread of exotic fauna and noxious plants and weeds as far as practicable;
  • comply with all relevant fire restrictions and prevent bush fires;
  • identify all available areas that can be progressively rehabilitated as early as possible;
  • at the completion of field activities ensure that the environment is returned to a condition which is stable and consistent with the previous land use and in a manner, which will facilitate the regrowth of natural vegetation;
  • regularly monitor and audit field activities to ensure compliance with company environmental protection procedures;
  • ensure that all environmental incidents are reported to senior management and that effective remedial measures are implemented; and
  • ensure that all contract staff are trained in and comply with all company environmental practices and procedures.