The purpose of this policy statement is to unambiguously and simply declare that the Banro Corporation aligns with the fundamental principles of universal human rights, in order that all practices by and within the company can be aligned with such principles.



This policy applies to employees at all MINECON and sites where we operate. The Policy extends to all places and times where company business is conducted.



MINECON strives to ensure that every individual within the company respects the rights and freedoms enunciated below and to secure their effective recognition and observance.  Subject to considerations of health and safety and within the constraints posed by the nature of its business, MINECON seeks to protect the right of employees to:

  • human dignity
  • fair treatment
  • freedom and security of person not be subjected to slavery, servitude and forced labour
  • freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion
  • freedom of expression (subject to considerations of confidentiality and the prohibition of hate speech and incitement to cause harm)
  • peaceful assembly
  • freedom of association
  • make political choices and to exercise those rights outside of working hours
  • freedom of movement
  • fair labour practices
  • not be employed if you are a child ( less than 18 years old )
  • not be arbitrarily deprived of property or possessions
  • freely participate in the cultural life of their choice
  • lawful, reasonable and fair action
  • not be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention