Minecon Resources and Services Limited (MINECON) recognizes and accepts its duties as an employer to ensure in so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees.

MINECON will ensure that all reasonably practicable efforts are made to safeguard its business partners, visitors, and members of the public, who may be affected by its activities.

MINECON will observe all relevant statutes, regulations and codes of practice and will take appropriate steps within its authority for the:

  • Provision and maintenance of equipment that is safe and without risks to health.
  • Arrangements for ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in relation to the use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances.
  • Provision of sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary, to ensure the health and safety of its employees at work.
  • Maintenance of a safe place of work and provision and maintenance of a safe means of access to it and egress from it.
  • Provision and maintenance of adequate welfare facilities.

To realize these objectives the company shall make available adequate resources to promote and maintain best practice in Health and Safety Management. MINECON will endeavor to prevent any incident that may result in injury, ill-health or damage to property.


MINECON firmly believes that Health and Safety is an aspect of management equal in importance to any other management function. The company expects all Managers and Supervisors to consider Health and Safety as part of their normal duties and responsibilities, in order to prevent injury and ill-health.

Middle and Junior Management will be accountable to their appropriate Senior Manager and ultimately, to the operations manager for maintaining MINECON Health and Safety standards at their workplace. Their performance with regard to Health and Safety will be monitored and will be considered as part of their overall performance appraisal. Details of their duties and responsibilities are contained in the Health and Safety Management System.


MINECON requires all its employees to co-operate with the management of the company in order to achieve legal compliance and meet our own Health and Safety standards.

Employees are reminded not to take risks which could affect their own or other persons’ Health and Safety. Any breaches of the Company Health and Safety Policy/Rules will result in disciplinary action.

All employees will receive a written copy of their duties and responsibilities as contained in the Health and Safety Management System.


The prime function of the Health and Safety Management system is to assist MINECON in meeting its Health and Safety Objectives. Health and Safety Managers are ultimately responsible to the Operations Director for the provision of a professional and comprehensive Health and Safety service to the organization, including the development, implementation, monitoring and review of MINECON Health and Safety Policies.


As part of our overall Health and Safety arrangements, suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to Health and Safety will be undertaken for all tasks performed by this organization.

The purpose of such assessments is to identify the appropriate preventative and protective measures necessary, to comply with any relevant statutory, provision and to ensure the Health and Safety of our employees and other persons affected by MINECON activities.


No Health and Safety Policy is likely to be successful unless it actively involves all our staff. Safety improvement meetings will be held at each work location and their role is outlined in the Health and Safety Management system.

In accordance with legal requirements, Safety Representatives shall be appointed at each main location and participate in the work of monitoring and improving safety in the workplace.


MINECON recognizes the need for Health and Safety Training to ensure that our employees are competent to perform their work without risks to themselves or others. Such training will be provided at induction and periodically during the course of employment.


Designated Health and Safety Representatives or their deputy(s) are responsible for investigating and reporting the circumstances surrounding and causes of all incidents concerning personal injury, property damage, near-misses or non-conformance. Where necessary, they will be assisted by Senior Management and will provide assistance to independent accident investigators.

An appropriate report form must be completed for personal accidents.  Copies of all reports should be sent to the Safety Representatives or other designated person.

In certain circumstances external authority(s) may need to be advised.  Full disclosure of all available information will be provided to them.


Copies of this policy shall he made available to all employees and displayed at all main locations. It shall be brought to the attention of all our business partners, visitors and other stakeholders.


MINECON Health and Safety Management Policy will be reviewed regularly and revised in light of any legislative changes and/or needs of the organization. Where necessary, new Health and Safety objectives will be set and circulated to all main locations. All relevant Health and Safety stakeholders will be advised of any changes