To be the partner of choice to our clients in the Mining and Petroleum Industry in Africa

To be technologically advanced in our fields of expertise by adding value to clients projects and delivering services based on real needs and remain accountable for our actions, and thereby maintaining client confidence.


  • Excellence: We believe in continuous improvement processes by employing best industry practices, identify waste and know when and how to act.
  • Compliance: We keep our agreements and deliver on time to internal and external partners.
  • Innovation: We find and establish innovative solutions through advancement in technology; financial, technical and social.
  • Transparency: We are transparency towards stakeholders and in line with laws and regulations
  • Respect: We respect ourselves, employees and all stakeholders, including the understanding and respect for Cultural diversity
  • Integrity: We avoid collusion and are ethically unyielding. We are honest, trustworthy, inspiring and accept responsibility for our actions.